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My opinion on this very heavily depends on a few factors. On the one hand, yes respecing often makes no sense, but on the other It's bloody annoying to pick up Shar Teel late game and for her to be specced with 1 prof point in small swords, 1 in large swords etc. In addition to this, my opinion depends on whether it is easy to screw up or not. In many games I spec early on for the hell of it without much comprehension of what it means for late game. If speccing is complex and requires me to do relatively extensive background research before I commit then I want to be able to respec to some degree, but if it's simply a choice between schools, between favoured weapons, between kits etc then sure, I'm perfectly happy with no respecs.


If respecs were implemented though I would rather it was only to reoptimise your character. Completely redefining the role of your character is stupid.

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A Wall of Text to understand it you might have to read the entire thing but I'll just do a point system for now:


Equipment based:

* Weapon Experience -> Defines your Weapon Abilities

* Not really a Respecialization but a Specialization.

* Grimoire on a Fighter, in essence making you a Fighter/Wizard (but very weak and limited/restricted Magic usage)

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This is a single player game. So since how you play won't effect anybody else I don't see why they shouldn't allow for respecing for those who want it. I also think it should probably just be a console command though and not worked into the game. Preferably the console will be enabled by default so players don't need to edit files in notepad and all that junk first.

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Respec may be a necessary evil in more action oriented MMOs, and I don't mind it in hack n' slash games (since I don't consider them RPGs), but in a real CRPG - and a party-based tactical RPG, no less? Never!


If you desperately want to change your stats, then do it through console commands or a save game editor.

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I think really what the respecialization is asking for is proper documentation and/or possibilities do right from a wrong. But if a wrong could be a right in some way, how would you do it most effectively so that the path you took wrong is redeemable somehow in-game progressively over time...?


An example/Idea:


Let's say I have a Fighter, I choose to wield a Sword at start and I play with it, I gain 2 levels in Weapon Level (Now level 3 of 5), decide I want to play with a Mace instead. My Mace level will be 1 as I haven't played with it anything, I get 1 level in it (now Level 2) and feel that it was a poor choice. My fault entirely, but I did get a reward for it still (1 level in Mace, 1 new ability for it).


Now if I would want to respecialize, perhaps I could pay some of the Level 1 Experience to the Sword instead? I wouldn't get all of the experience back (perhaps a petty 25% of what I spent to get 1 Level) and I get to spend it on the Sword.


Let's say to gain 1 Level in Maces I need 400 Experience (for the first Level), so when I "respecialize" I pay all that 400 experience and I get 100 experience in return that would be spent on the Sword (as part of the function). In Roleplaying terms: I used the knowledge I had learned wielding and handling a Mace and used it with my sword and thus I gained some experience in handling a Sword. The price is high to pay, but it still helps me (if slightly) back on track.


^Practically a Baldur's Gate leveling up system but only for weapons (You gain experience when you slay an enemy, not when you "hit" an enemy).


Read WoT in signature for more information. There's some thoughts on the non-lethal play style too.

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I think a very early respec is fine, such as after the first town as per FO:NV. Sometimes it's nice to try an idea, but you may not want to persue it very far and it saves on restarting the entire game (though I'd still keep race and background/culture fixed - just give people the ability to re-shuffle skill and attribute points). After that though, no more respec.

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