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  1. 1. Walking or running?

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Planescape Torment had it perfect. Walking by default, shif + click running. Maybe losing stamina while running would add a great edge to it.

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I voted running, but only in the sense that I want the default speed to get me around quickly. Taking 10 seconds to cross my screen is not entertaining.


If running and walking are separate speeds, I'd prefer running to be some sort of limited sprint mechanic rather than simply being a way to get from point A to point B in a less boring amount of time in the game.

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nobody actually walks when there's an option to always-run,

except maybe some rare ocasions, and only in case of a sentimental player


so it's worth the dev's time to make like 2 animation states not only for those rare ocasions

but also for the necessity of some vital means, which are fun if well put in the game

and make a person to really sympathize and care for their characters even more


like when they can't catch their breath and make it out of some perilious zone in combat, for example

and you have to send others for their emergency backup


some might say that it's the same for the spell "Slow" or smth, but ->

-> if all of the character's vigor is calculated upon their Stamina bar,

their state of capability is clearly fading compared to when they just have a XX% speed debuff


well, yeah, u might mod the "Slow" spell to make it more than just XX% speed loss,

but that's just 1 way, while the Stamina is really a bigger involvement

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