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The companions in PE  

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  1. 1. How hard should be to join companions in your party

    • I want to start the game with full party members
    • I want to start alone but finding new companions must be peace of cake
    • I want to start alone and to take some sweat filling up my party
    • I want to start alone and filling up the party during the game must be allmost insane task
    • I want to start alone and to turn the ground for every companion (max 4-5 for the game)

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In few words it would be Icewind Dale or Baldur's Gate? I would choose a mix of both:

1) giving the opportunity to create a full party as Icewind Dale does or without the multiplayer stuff from Baldur's Gate II (you can create the whole party by choosing multiplayer and controlling everyone), but you can still "recruit" people around the world or...

2) starting as a lone wolf and picking up party members as you go on the story or exploring.


Choices are always welcome, there is no need to exclude anything. "I want to adventure alone and meet people willing to join me" excellent. "I want to customize every member of my party, I don´t want to share my wealth with anybody else", don´t worry, you can do it.

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This poll is kind of irrelevant because of the Adventurer's Guild concept, which would allow players to hire generic companions without complex writing, dialogue or story involvement


I never liked the idea of Adventurer's Guild it's like filling in the game. I think in cRPGs every character must weight on his place, with Adventurer's Guild it becomes more like RTS game.

I allways liked to play with 3-4 characters instead of 6, it gives me different approach through the game :)



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