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Class specific items are represented by the silhouette shape in the round circle that shows up on the item description side of the merchant menu. For some reason they remain "shadow portraits" until you actually encounter one or have them in your party or something (can't recall exactly) ... but at some point I think they fill in as a full portrait and are more easily discernible.

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Thanks, I now see what you mean, and how it works.

A manual with the retail game would have been nice.


Don't get me started.

I miss the whole leafing through a manual while waiting for a game to install bit.

The good ole days when you'd take a bus downtown. Stare at shelves. Grab the game (pay for it). Then fish the manual out of the box on the bus ride home. Run to the supermarket to buy cookies and crisps and drinks and stuff to eat while playing. Get home. Open Pc, run the installer. While the game insalls, continue reading manual while throwing chips in the oven...


Good old days of being a student gamer...

Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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Just started this game. Want to know how to tell when buying from a merchant, if I can or can't use an item that they have for sale? Kind of a hassle to buy and have to reload the game if I buy something and can't use it.


items show a picture of the character when it does not show it is a character that is not yet available in party

and its also character sorted from left to right

(i did not buy anything untill last merchant...cause he got the good stuff wurth enchanting)

and also ...usually the stuff u buy while playing story get replaced real quick cause of better drops at boss or level after


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