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  1. did you install it from your playstation ? also dumb question but i have to ask else just reinstall game and update it then download dlc and install u might want to start saving essence early ingame to max out your lv35 equip
  2. items show a picture of the character when it does not show it is a character that is not yet available in party and its also character sorted from left to right (i did not buy anything untill last merchant...cause he got the good stuff wurth enchanting) and also ...usually the stuff u buy while playing story get replaced real quick cause of better drops at boss or level after
  3. gotta say i like dungeon siege 3 more still it can use a little more of everything but just adding/balancing is all it needs if u ask me im not gonna say DS2 S*** A** but thats cause i like it also a little and im not childish like that still ds3 i like more DS3 dont S*** A** ....its a nice game...especially with expansion pack tots
  4. i recommend and if u do get it dont forget to get expansion treasures of the sun (sooner u get expansion the better) makes u gather allot more essence for when u wanna enchant your favorite max level gear
  5. keep combat system as it is in ds3 the rescpecialization also fixed some stuff like not being able to buy certain armors or enchant to a certain lvl (lucas and reinhart gold talent reset at desert) i would also like to see a NEWGAME+ u can start newgame with all abilitys and armor (ofcourse need more enemy spawn not just making enemys harder) item stats are going in the right direction but still missing something unlockable characters perhaps ...or just DLC anywayz could be a nice way to keep people buzzy i played and finished ds3 with all characters more then once but thats just t
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