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As this is the "Role of the Rogue" thread, how will "Stealth" work? (in essence: Hide in Shadows)


With a game with souls and I recall some discussion (and Obs statements) on "Hide in Shadows" would be some sort of "magical veil"... could the Rogue be able to draw on the soul of a shadow and be able to move from one shadow to another in darkness? (duration-based, so you have to move to the other shadow or else you're going to go "visible").


Take on the illusion of a previous living person or creature, using the soul of a deceased maybe? Might seem like shapeshifting though but in reality is merely masking your true identity. I don't thinking hiding is limited to disappearing but also ability to blend in, not get noticed for what you truly are. That would be my ideal skill for stealth and less generic than the vanish in puff of smoke that most games rely on.

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