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"Other" Playable Species Poll

"Other" Species  

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  1. 1. How do you like your "other" playable species?

    • Totally true to AD&D
    • All humanoid
    • A little beastly
    • Completely different, original, or even outworldish
    • A mix of all
  2. 2. To be spesific, choose multiple choices that define your taste the best.

    • Small humans (gnomes, halflings & hobbits)
    • Greenies (orcs, goblins, etc.)
    • Bull-ish (minotaurs, tauren, etc.)
    • Aquatic (merefolk, fishmen, etc.)
    • Demonic
    • Insectoid (Tri-kreen, etc.)
    • Werebeasts
    • Bearmen (Wookies, Pandaren, etc.)
    • Scalies (Draconic, Lizardmen etc.)
    • Undead (Zombie, Vampire etc.)

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I miss a little godlike but of Stone nature. It could be animated Adra, can Adra awake on its own as some form of guardian of Eora?

Generally there is an potencial in Godlikes, so there could be Eothas godlike, or some beasty (furry godlike).

Dragonkins, but not small, big beefy dragons with muscle tails and fiery breath.

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