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Obsidian has a Kickstarter profile

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"We've been able to touch on various mature themes in some of our previous titles, but not really with the same amount of depth that this project will allow for." -Chris Avallone, from the kickstarter video




So what we have is a game that's going to allow Chris and the crew to explore even GREATER depths than what we've already seen in Planescape and KoTOR2? These games offer what seems like an endless philosophical smorgasbord! I've always had faith in Obsidian's potential, but good god...I can't ****ing wait. No sleep for the watcher INDEED.


I only wish I could contribute more ;(

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Create an Amazon.com account with fake adress and you're set up.


I dont need to. I allready have a amazon account, but in only can choose to pay with my credit card. And i dont have a credit card. In germany the most people havent.


Maybe i'm missed something. Could you explain me more pecisely? Thank you very much =)


kind regard,



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Not going to lie: 100% intentional.


Hehe, I saw the map when I first landed on the Kickstart page and thought: damn, this really looks like one of those maps in the Forgotten Realms atlas. Figures :yes:

"The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance" - Wing Commander IV

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