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I think you should do another New Vegas. (Design Points)

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Imagine a person named Jaesun doesn't like New Vegas for his reasons.

We can not only image what quarter of the game he doesn't like, but that the whole game itself is possibly only one quarter of what the game could be.





People have their opinion on modularity. But the fact there are landmarks, symbols, named locations, and even graphics icons for us easily to work in the abstract, allows for a great future.


By copying over part of the first into the second, third, and fourth we can begin to build a consistent addon. More than consistency is the flexibility . We don't have to keep the stories, the images that make us think of associations of a single kind. We can go way way beyond.


But also can be noted that all four squares can be united firstly by what was in the first, and secondly what it means to have such a larger game.


The catch is to know is to have expanded the game. New Vegas may be 4x as good or much more than 4x as good when four times as big. But it also allows for people who think new vegas is as bad as it seems to change their minds in over 3 new blocks of the game.


i also hope you understand that we can even slowly change the elements of the first block. only that the first block is our proven inspiration, should you worry about at all times.


I respect your needs as developers to listen to your boss. Be forced into projects that aren't new vegas. Maybe you never will have a Fallout. but the sooner we expand new vegas to 4 times the size, teh sooner we may become so wealthy we can alll quit our jobs. Or earn the respect of your employers and possibly business partners (bethesda) to release a license for us to profit in ways to support infinite modding futures.




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my head is spinning from all the quadrupling

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Walsingham said:

I was struggling to understand ths until I noticed you are from Finland. And having been educated solely by mkreku in this respect I am convinced that Finland essentially IS the wh40k universe.

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Prosper is like a mysterious oracle of Win, imbued with a metaphysical understanding of everything that is harmonious.


I am ready to join his cult, should he choose to establish one.


And much as I love Jaesun (and who doesn't?) I am sad to learn that he doesn't dig New Vegas.


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