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Where is Fallout Online going to take place?


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Look at Fallout Online's concept art, it takes place everywhere, not literally, but in a lot of different places. This makes me guess that there is not one storyline but a variety of non interconnecting storylines. You have to remember that part of the reason Bethesda sued Interplay was because the storyline they have running in one of their locations contradicted that of Fallout 4.


One concept art shows Trumbull, a town found in Conneticut or New England or something. That is probably where Fallout 4 will take place.


Although the Space Needle is evident, so is Fallout 4 going to continue the NCR conquest of the West?


The desert pic makes it clear that it might take place in Arizona, FLAGSTAFF! So is Bethesda going to continue Caesar's Legion?



The graveyard pic hints more at Seattle, look at the background with the mountain of which steam rises out of, Mount Baker, St. Helens? Takes anybody?


Frozen Shipyard works for Conneticut and Seattle, being in the north and the fact that no Fallout so far has taken place in Canada.


Then the big clock with Gecko sign on it hints more at Seattle, I mean maybe Gecko in F2 was named after something else.


The real life Tesla Tower is or was in New York.


This gets me to narrowing it down to: Arizona, Seattle, Conneticut and New England. As Fallout Online is likely to take place in one of those 4, Fallout 4 does too.

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Never heard of it. Sounds like fantasy vaporware to me. :)

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