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Solo play ?

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I hate teaming with the AI in an ARPG. Throws to the window any notion of tactical play for instance.


That's a deal breaker for me.


I might have put up for a while with the "consolized" gameplay, but not with that.

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the ai can be dumb as bricks especially when you see them just standing in flame auras or not dodging out of the way of incoming, slow moving, projectiles.


however they can be very useful - to resurrect you when you die. and to act as decoys or meat shields for ranged/magic characters.

they dont steal xp, they dont block passages or get in the way generally.

no reason not to have them.

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It would be nice - it would also be an interesting challenge. There seems to be a script in the game to go solo, but I don't know if anyone's made that work yet. Wish it was just available off the bat.

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