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Change name from Obsidian Entertainment to "Obsid Entert"

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Riiiiiiiight. SEGA is the joke here, nevermind that they are still a Fortune 500 company.
Can't as in can't be arsed, not as in doesn't have the money.


That's definitely not how I read that comment by GuruChaz. As in they can't be arsed, well yeah, even though I like Alpha Protocol as an IP, it failed on many levels. The most important of which was success. The game just didn't do well enough to warrant any patches or DLC and from a business perspective SEGA decided to cut their loses and drop the IP completely. Sad really because there was some really cool things about AP that I would liked to have seen in another "better" game in the future.


And perhaps we will eventually.



If the game is so bad that they have to drop support then don't release it to begin with. Surely, the people playtesting the game can see where the problems are before release. It's not rocket science. I get tired of companies that push a release they already know is broken.

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