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Don't disappoint us!

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I very rarely pre-order games but since I am a big Dungeon Siege fan I am going to give Obsidian the benefit of the doubt here, I pre-oreded Dungeon Siege 3 for the 360 today. So I am going to lay faith in you guys to deliver us a good story, with fun combat and with alot of loot for us to find. Can't wait to play!

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Also blindly pre-ordered, the limited edition. From what I have seen this far, it will be good. It isn't really what I hoped it would become, but hey, Obsidian is doing it's best, and that is clear.

Reasons why Dungeon Siege is NOT a Diablo clone:

- DS has multicharacter parties.

- DS doesn't have boring pre-defined classes, but the players develop the characters.

- DS has packmules!

- DS has a huge map without any loading bars between areas, even when teleporting!

- DS has 10.000+ spells, and even more items!

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