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How many difficulty levels this game have?

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How many difficulty levels this game have? Titan Quest has Normal, Epic and Legendary. Meanwhile Sacred 2 has Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Nobium. As each game difficulty levels, the game get's more difficult and you get better higher level loot.


Titan Quest 3 level difficulty is fine but Sacred 2 has too many difficulties and there are no variety. TQ is just nice and the monsters really scaled according to level.


What i like is there will be additional/seperate quests, storyline, plot twists, locations, etc. while playing through different difficulties. That will basically enhance the game even more.

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In TQ (don't know about Sacred) the difficulty levels are unlockable, and on a character by character basis at that. So in order to bring a character into epic difficulty that character first needs to complete the game on normal (and same for legendary and epic).


So in order to beat the game on the highest difficulty level you'd have to complete the game 3 times. Now with 5 difficulty options, that'd get dull very quick.


But this only applies if the unlocked difficulty levels are balanced so that a character not advanced enough will simply be unable to complete them (starting out in Epic in TQ with a level 1 character would just be impossible for instance). If alla difficulty levels are balanced for a starting character, just adding more challenge, then more options are certainly better (given that they all get the time they need to be polished and balanced)

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There is at least some form of 'hardcore'-ish mode/difficulty that is meant to be extremely challenging.


All I need, really.

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