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Off all the montsers slain in both ds 1 and ds2

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To be honest I didn't mind the Ganth so much... Just requires a little bit of tactics. :shifty: The only mob that really irritated me was the bugged level 45 skeletal archer that randomly spawned in the tombs in Dungeon Siege 2... Some of my builds could handle him, but some of my more passive ones (which I loved playing) had some troubles.

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The Ganth had a life-stealing axe, you just needed to get out of melee reach when it started glowing IIRC to prevent him from healing.


Most annoying enemy by far was the Garganturax.

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Ganth required some tactic, why *not* have them return?


Also, obviously the Hassat should be back! :p




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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I have no idea about the monsters in the past games but I'd just like to point out that the Forest Bear, as shown in that developer panel in NYC a while back, looks freaking awesome. Great design.






well the ones from game 1

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The krug were the best! On hard mode, with my awesome mod (when you become ghost after dying, you stay ghost for 10 minutes instead of 1 minute, so dying was actually a bad thing), we slashed a horde of krug, but one of us died. Other one needed to track back to town to get some ressurrection scrolls and potions, only to find out that a krug shaman revived the entire horde of krugs :lol:. It was very very annoying and time-consuming.


I miss DS1 :lol:

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Reasons why Dungeon Siege is NOT a Diablo clone:

- DS has multicharacter parties.

- DS doesn't have boring pre-defined classes, but the players develop the characters.

- DS has packmules!

- DS has a huge map without any loading bars between areas, even when teleporting!

- DS has 10.000+ spells, and even more items!

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