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Lightspeed Magazine inteview with Chris Avellone


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I wonder what he means when he says that it would be an original idea with how they want to go with it? Complete change of gameplay? New mechanics for the story? Personnaly I would love an Alpha Protocol spin-off that is more Commandos-meets-RPG (although it probably already exists, cf. Jagged Alliance).


I was somehow happy to see him mention the marketing of New Vegas as a high point of the game's development. I felt Bethesda just didn't get the credit they deserved for that game.

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He looks more like a Khan, although he's in the club suit, which is dedicated to Legion characters, far as I can tell. He was supposed to be a counterpart to Boone, apparently (grudge against NCR instead of Legion). Given how much havoc a character who "insta-battles" with NCR the way Boone did with the Legion would cause through most of the game, it makes sense that they would cut him, though he could have ended up being a spy or plainclothes agent, or something. We may never know!

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Enclave, maybe? But he seems too young. And it might be redundant since there's two Enclave linked companions.

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