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I had forgotten about Team Gizka - I used to be fairly active on their forums, but it became abundantly clear that Dashus really had no desire to do anything but be a prick to everyone, so unsurprisingly interest in the project waned and died.


And you know, it wasn't even the "two weeks" announcement that really pissed me off, because he did sort of announce some progress after it, it was the utter refusal to accept help from anyone when it became clear that he didn't have the will to finish it himself.

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Ah, well. Up until about mid 2008, I had been waiting patiently for them to release their restoration project. After that, it became pretty clear that they'd either been... too optimistic, let's say or they didn't want to release. By that time, it had been a WIP for something like four years, and all they ever showed for it were some videos, so I really wasn't holding my breath.

System Specs:

Processor Manufacturer: AMD

Processor Name / Type: AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs)

Processor Core Speed: 2.5GHz

Operating System / Service Pack: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (5.2, Build 3790) Service Pack 2

System RAM: 4094MB RAM

Video (GPU) Manufacturer: ATI

Video Card Model: Radeon HD 4890

Video Card Driver Version: Catalyst 10.6

Video Card onboard RAM: 1024 MB

Sound Card Manufacturer: Creative

Sound Card Model: SB X-Fi

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I bought a copy of this game on the PS3 and got my money back from Gamestop three days. The manager didn't even argue the fact that the game was broken without a patch. Just gave me my money back.

I took Fallout New Vegas off of pre-order after playing this game. I remembered how glitched the last version was upon release and I simply saw it as too big of a risk given the games history and Obsidians job with AP.


I seriously hope they come out with a patch for you guys soon. Good luck!


What glitches did you have? As far as I remember there was nothing gamebreaking in the PS3 release apart from problems with the checkpoint system which can be resolved


Late to the party but:


the PS3 version has lockups (I had a repeatable one related to turning televisions on. Awkward, when you are actually supposed to do it a couple of times).


And there were these couple of times when, at band camp, I fell into the skybox (actually it was the taipei metro part. Felt like Jacob's Ladder or something. Waited for devils to start tearing the life away from me).


Hoping stuff eventually gets sorted. I'd love to play this game more, but as it is, the second time felt more like punishment than something I do for fun... :/

You're a cheery wee bugger, Nep. Have I ever said that?


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