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Wishes for the game

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Long time gamer here. (Amstrad/Schneider CPC 464 was my first)

Liked very much (but not loved) the previous games DS1 & 2.

Here are some of my ideas/whishes for DS3:


For a good game:

- Do support the PC fully.

- Keep the setting straight. That means do not throw in Steampunk suddenly in the middle of the game. Hated it before. I prefer a nice (even classic) fantasy setting. If you have to do Steampunk, make it clear from the beginning.

- Include a good story in the game (single & multiplayer)

- Try to keep the wilderness feeling (Summer, Winter). It was really well made and one was glad to make it to the next city with very few healing potions left. Ah, the memorys....


For a great game:

- Do support the PC fully. Also LAN Mode would be very nice!

- Let the 3D guys from Square Enix do some of their fantastic 3D cinematics as trailers and in the game. Advertise with them.

- Get yourself a professional, really good writer for a great story.

- Include a powerfull modding tool for a lasting game or none at all. There is no use in something inbetween.

- Get known and prof. actors for voice-overs. Take the time to include memorable characters in the game.

- Get Jeremy Soule for the music, reprising DS1&2. That will be a big support to arch over to the previous games.

- Keep the gameplay simple and fun. Include nice and diverse skilltrees.


For a grand game:

- Do all of the above, support the PC, do heavy advertising and if you truly think the game will sell, then produce merchandising. Books, clothing & neat stuff. Put out a special collectors edition in style (wooden box, etc.) with something unique fitting to the DS universe.


I believe with the right ingredients, money and time, it is possible to create a truly memorable (and financially profitable game) based on an expanded Dungeon Siege franchise.


Keeping the dreams up,


Stroker Ace

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To be honest, while Obsidian definitely had problems in the past, I don't really think that they have the need to hire a professional writer.

Also the voice-overs/trailers/marketing are all things that the publisher has to deal with it, I am not really sure how the relationship between Obsidian and Square Enix works, but I doubt they can do more than give suggestions and approve on Squenix's marketing plans.

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