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Official website live

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That engine does indeed look incredible.


Though it must be said that the website is designed very awkwardly. Who decided where the buttons would go? You register through the bird and the "about" page is just thin air.

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I thought it was kind of cool. It's a scene from the teaser, frozen in time. I just wish that the swirls around the clickable links (the bird etc.) had been more pronounced. I checked this out at work with no sound and I was just staring at that empty screen for a long time before I knew what to do. Make them glitter occasionally or something at least.

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Took 15-20 seconds to load, it looks pretty, but yeah...on hindsight I see the light fog-swirl but I thought that was just part of the image design, since there's lots of fog around the (non-clickable) game title icon too.


Still waiting patiently for there to be more under the "Video" button. :)

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Shut up, Flash is awesome!


The website's obviously more of a beta at this stage, until some actual content is added. Also, CPU usage jumps to 50% when logging in. And for what? Some particle effects and a waving flag in the DS3 logo. Some optimization would be in order.

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