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  1. Thanks But the "DX questions" should be answerable?!
  2. Hello community, I got 2 questions, but I'm not sure, if these can already be answered. 1. DirectX Will the PC version support DX9 (as the console versions) or will there be DX10/11 available? 2. copy protection There are several methods like "online activation", "Steam", "permanently being online and connected to server xy" or a "key activation". Which one does Square/Obsidian prefer/choose? Might be strange but the copy protection is very important to me, because I dislike Steam. Thanks for your time and have a nice weekend, KO771
  3. So it's the good old business. Click on enemy, my char runs and hits him!? Like in DS1 and DS2 and all other PC-ARPGs!? Thanks for the explaination Nathaniel
  4. 4players is mostly complaining about the scrollbars in the inventory and the other UIs.
  5. @Obsidian: Is it possible to get the font that is used on the page (e.g. the one that is used for the "About" page)? Would be cool
  6. thanks for the correction /vote for AA ;P
  7. And all interested pc-gamer without an console (because a demo for a console is released almost everytime) will not know if they want to buy it. In the end they trust a silly review posted by some gamingpages.
  8. Call me an idiot, but I really like what I see. Yes, it won't be a Diablo3 and yes, it is not directly a mix of DS1 and 2. But I like it somehow. There is only one thing, that can be done wrong: NO demo for PC. I don't know why this is made over and over again by almost all publishers...
  9. All the normal visitors won't see even the screens at GC2010. The Square Enix booth did not even show the cinematic teaser/trailer. These things were only shown in the business area (only accessable for press/devs/and so on). But the screens are already posted here, the teaser is known, the gameplay is not shown to the "normal" people (as far as the people at SQ told me on wednesday).
  10. Okay, then I do not need to post the screens. Thanks to funcroc
  11. Sorry for double posting, but I can't edit my old one. According to http://www.4players.de/4players.php/gamesc...er/4/index.html DS III will be shown at Square Enix *party*
  12. Even knowing you would have to endure masses of pimple-faced 12year old German nerds? I don't understand their gibberish language, so no problem there. I could translate it for you
  13. Don't think so. But hope dies last Can't Mr Chapman come over here and explain his message? :D
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