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New MCA blog post: On Project Directors and Lead Designers


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Bethesda's a great publisher.


Hardly. But mostly because they seem to invest money in the wrong project, from what I've seen, not because they are hard with the developers (as far as I know, they're pretty fair as publishers go).


Of course, it's difficult to get good information from public statements and hearsay, so take it with a grain of salt.

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If anyone wonders how this feels connected (I was searching first too :>)...


This piece is inspired from two sources: Todd Simmons and Amon Tobin (thanks to Josh Sawyer at Obsidian Entertainment)

"only when you no-life you can exist forever, because what does not live cannot die."

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OT #1 - MegaCynics Comic: "Obsidian", Co-Starring Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment


OT #2 - ex-OEI production intern Nathalie Gomez joins Concept Art House


EDIT: OT #3 - Achievement360's tweet

Big thanks to @ChrisAvellone for allowing @Achievement360 to interview him! Want to ask Chris a question? Head over to http://t.co/OzAKAsz
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