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Alpha Protocol 2, suggestions.

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What Ausir said!


1. Expand the mission levels. Design them to be more free-form and have more ways through them. Make complete stealth (getting through without getting seen at all or having to take down enemies) be super-hard but possible.


2. Same as above for the boss fights. Being able to avoid some or talk your way out. Try not to rely on challenges which involve spawning a bunch of guards constantly alongside the boss (OK for some boss fights since it makes sense, but not so much respawning).


3. More social missions! Loved the talky-talky missions in AP. Make them have consequences like the talk with Grigori. Also, maybe some open social missions where you move around at a party, interacting with people.

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Hmmm....I would say for a better Alpha Protocol....

2. Let the player to design their own characters like in Mass Effect 2 (I know they were planning to do this but it was cut from the last minute...either they didn't have a female voice actor or the funds just got small for developing this game. They should of ask Jennifer Hale for that role.)

4. Have a fully interactive world where its not like a hub or something and make it where u can explore the area without hanging around in the safe house all the time and give us more freedom.


This.(Actually these)


2. 25% of the RPG is about character creation, 25% is character development(physical and mental and gear wise), 50% is story/atmosphere/dialogues to me. So i think you shot yourself in the leg without character creation :lol: (I got used to it but it'd be cool to create my own James Bond or Mata Hari =/)


4. That's a bit problematic.


You should design it to reward players who are investigating stuff, talking to different NPC's than regular ones etc while not forcing people to do the same. Maybe random events in different places might help too.(10% possibility to see this, 20% possibility to see that etc.)


Social places to visit just to chat with NPC's or sort out a few secret deals or buying information or having a cup of tea or bazaars to buy clothing etc may help.(I can understand that you can't put a weapon/armor dealer since it won't make sense)


Places shouldn't be too big since big = empty because of possible design problems(Lack of NPC's, copy/paste places, same conversations with NPC's etc) but it shouldn't be this small and limited aswell(aka safehouses)


Also i'd like more options for clothes and armors and their customisation.


And don't put different pre-order bonuses(You are doing same in Fallout New Vegas though -.-). Nobody will buy a second copy to get both gifts but think that you're trying to force people to choose.


Why not just give them both? Can't you introduce a dlc that contains both packages for guys that haven't pre-ordered but bought the game? Ah well...

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Moar freedom worked for Deus Ex and the copy pasting wasn't so bad. Taking more from DX, i hate how new games just disposed of journals and documents and newspapers and things for you to read to get a better idea of the world. DX did that just perfect, and it's an economic "feature" to add that fills up blank spaces and rewards exploration. I get that ADD is like 8 outta 10 kids these days but seriously, a few journals for read never killed anyone (like the already existing emails :ermm:). Other than that, i actually like physically going to shops and cruising throught towns.

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