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EA hires Jon Van Caneghem


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It's also noted that Might and Magic creator Jon Van Caneghem, who recently "transitioned out" of his role as president of Trion World Networks, has joined EA to lead the Command and Conquer brand with "a new digital model that is going to re-ignite the fan base for this franchise."



When I first read the headline I thought EA had decided to become a RPG empire and launch a first person RPG line and "spiritual successor" to Might & Magic. A shame EA got JVC to work on the next C&C instead, but in the end that's not entirely surprising given Might & Magic is mostly known for the strategy spin-off HoMM series nowadays.


Still, Might & Magic III was my introductory course to CRPG, and I even consider M&M VIII to be a good game. A new RPG by Van Caneghem in the future would be wonderful news so I hope EA will eventually let him to do things he's best known for. Besides, Bethesda needs some competition in the first person RPG genre.

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When did JVC leave the M&M series? Did he work on it until the end? Because it became a embarassment in the last couple games.

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Weird I thought all the C&C team were going to be laid off after the game's release.

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Given the talk of "new digital model" and EA's recent fascination with social gaming, I wonder if C&C is going to be turned into a Facebook game.


That wouldn't actually be a stupid idea. Yes, I am serious about this, it has some potential, if done correctly.


Facebook is blocked at my workingplace though.

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Command and Conquer ....Might and Magic. That's a simple enough substitution. Though I'd probably skip the main franchise and go for the Heroes of Command and Conquer spinoff.



If C&C went turnbased I might buy a game from that franchise for the first time ever. Hex-based for bonus credits!


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Gamasutra has a new interview with JVC, here's some quote


And this connectivity will make the C&C brand accessible to more people, too: "What you're seeing with all the social gamers on Facebook... they are actually already playing strategy games whether they know it or not," he says. "Taking a franchise like Command and Conquer and expanding it to a wider audience is part of the strategy."



So Command and Conquer Facebook edition confirmed?

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