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Just finished MOTB


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I was underwhelmed by MotB. It had its moments, but ultimately I just didn't have a whole lot of fun playing it and had to force myself to finish the game.


I understood the spirit-eater mechanic as an interesting attempt to get around the 'just rest after every encounter' problem that the NWN2 OC had. But it just wasn't fun to use in practice (with the exception of the dialogue-based uses). I didn't find the companions to be all that interesting. The Red Wiz had some moderately compelling mystery about her, and Okku was fun, if a bit insufficiently fleshed-out. But Gann was just irritating, and the Dove was only interesting to the extent that you can read lots of FR/D&D cosmology while keeping a straight face. (A test which I have failed several times.) Once the core mystery was resolved when I met with Safiya's mom, I lost interest in playing out the rest-- I knew that the story was going to take care of the betrayer's soul-swap, and I didn't care enough about my or any of the other character's fates beyond that point to want to slog through any more supposedly-epic combat.


Also, epic-level D&D = teh suck. Particularly when the writing tries to match your character's 'epic-ness' with overly grandiose stuff about dying gods, destroying worlds, and cosmic justice. The effort put into fanning the player's ego just feels unseemly.


LOL. Are you SURE you're not English? 'Seemly'? :)


I have to ask if you used a high WIS/CHA character. You need to be pretty switched on to get the most from your companions. You also have to choose the right dialogue, which adds to the awesome.

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


tarna's dead; processing... complete. Disappointed by Universe. RIP Hades/Sand/etc. Here's hoping your next alt has a harp.

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