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So, Is this game delayed or not?

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I think Splinter Cell: Convition would be a more direct competitor. Most people probably won't see any of the gameplay when they grab the box from the shelves.


Maybe. In that case, it'll be even worse, because most people have heard of Splinter Cell, but few people, outside of the hardcore RPG-ites, who won't look at the box anyway, have heard of AP, so they'll probably go for SCC.


Yup, and SCC will probably be pretty good as well, from what we've seen.


Yeah, it does look really good...

In 7th grade, I teach the students how Chuck Norris took down the Roman Empire, so it is good that you are starting early on this curriculum.



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I can't believe that there are anybody out there who doesn't know Llamasoft. I mean, classics like Attack and Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Matrix and Sheeps in Space :thumbsup:


Anyway, I am closing this one as it is getting a bit long. There are already more threads popping up on the subject of release dates and delays...



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