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New SW game ideas?

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It's been proven time and time again that just slapping the SW name on something won't make it any better.


What's wrong with CoD? It had a nice short single player campaign and an awesome multiplayer. Halo does the whole console-shooter thing well, the problem is the crowd that it attracts.


CoD has a findable spawn point, where you just hide and shoot the respawns making it too easy. Halo, was just sort of plotless, and I like games with plots (E.G. Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Empire at War, etc.) A non-MMO Star Wars: Galaxies would be excellent, or something that starts with K and ends with III and not a friggin MMO.


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How about something along the line of TFU, except that you control movement completely. Wave your arm and your characters arm waves too. Stab yourself in the lower areas and your character does too. However, this would be veryveryvery expensive to make and would probably require a super-Wii.

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