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Taking Screenshots


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Hey, I didn't know what forum to post this in, I was thinking maybe Skeeter's or Computer & Console but I couldn't decide so I just put it here instead. Just yell at me and stuff so I know where to put it next time.


Also, if it's been asked before, I tried the search function but on a gaming forum "taking screenshots" pretty much gives you half the threads.


Anyway, I am looking for a program that will allow me to quickly take screenshots of, for example, dvds or video games (right now something that's compatible with the KotORs), and that will automatically save them. None of that save to clipboard bull****. I use Windows Vista Professional 64. Anyone know anything that fits the bill?


Thanks in advance. ^^

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Hypersnap works well on some things FRAPS doesn't - for instance, you can take a multiple fast screens of your whole browser and thus capture frames of YT /most Flash videos quickly and easily, if for some reason you wanted to. o:) It also works better on some older glide/games that FRAPS doesn't seem to recognize (Dungeon Keeper...).


So I like having both of them. o:)

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