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I dont know where i should post this


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I bought both neverwinter nights dolphin and neverwinter nights 2 gold

I saw that the next addon was cheaper as a download at the atari site than it was at walmart for the dvd

I downloaded it and even uninstalled the new version of nwn2 and reinstalled the base game and mask

And i cant install the one i downloaded I get this error

Error Code: -5006 : 0x8007045d

Error Information:

>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1356)


PVENDOR:Atari (http://www.atari.com/nwn2)



@Windows Service Pack 1 (6001) IE 8.0.6001.18702

If the other two dvds install perfectly fine in vista there is no reason this shouldnt either

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Found this here - bottom post.


1. Create a new folder in your hard drive called something like NWN2SOZ


2. Copy and paste the entire contents of the disk to the folder you just created


3. Run setup.exe from the folder and install the game


4. Delete the folder you created to begin with from your hard drive

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