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Star wars Knight of the old republic

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not nr 2 thats one i can play now but nr 1 of the star wars knights of the old republic nr 1 not 2

here is what i get when i play nr 1 of this game not sith lord. Can any one help me on this?


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The mss32.dll replacement shouldn't make a difference on KotOR 1, it already has that version of the file. In fact, the KotOR 2 solution was originally discovered by copying that file from KotOR 1 into KotOR 2.


Have you tried the other suggestions in those threads, like running as admin, changing the compatibility settings, etc.?


Also, it might help if you could provide a translation of that error message. I believe it is one of those oh so uninformative "the application has stopped working" messages, but I'm not sure.

Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of War!



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its say this on the erros picture a problem caused the program stopped working as it should. The program will be closed and you will be notified if a solution is available SWKotOR have not tried running as admin but going to try it have tryed the changing the compatibility settings did not work

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