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  1. Just a FYI, that stat that most likely did this was your charisma. If you set that one stat a bit lower, it might just go away.
  2. You can always get older drivers directly from the Nvidia website. Ever since they started on the ION releases (185, 186, 190), there have been some irregularly reported problems with this game, so you might need to game back as far as the 182 and earlier releases.
  3. Yep, its a driver issue. I'm guessing you got an ATI card and you aren't running the most recent version of the Catalyst driver package.
  4. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that one too. A while back, one of the LA people said in an interview or blog post they had a few projects to consider... TFU, KotOR 3, some Wookiee game... and they went with TFU. Wow, we KotOR fans keep getting the shaft, don't we?
  5. That's such a childish argument. Everyone knows G.I. Joe is much cooler than He-Man! Seriously though, you do make a point that I have been reluctant to make myself. It seems that some of us are trying to have an actual discussion, while one of us is fighting over who gets the last cookie. I'm strongly reminded of the kinds of arguments my 11 year old gets in with his friends sometimes. We are almost at the stage where the next logical (?) step in the argument is "Nuh-uh... is not... is too... I'm tellin' mom!". I hope we are both wrong, because that would mean that this whole escapade was an even bigger waste of time than the average internet debate normally is. I'd like to think Anonymous has the best of intentions and hoped that my suggestion might actually guide those intentions towards something a bit more constructive, but that is increasingly looking like a lost hope (kind of like KotOR 3!).
  6. I never said you were full of crap, just that you are very obviously trying deflect attention away from anything that questions your statements (such as by questioning my "credentials" as a KotOR community member in good standing). You haven't actually answered anything that could definitively say whether or not you are full of crap, so at the moment, you only full of... nothing. If you must know, I spend most of my KotOR "community service" on the tech support side of things, diagnosing glitches, driver issues, etc. sometimes here, but mostly over at GameFAQs (way more questions there). When I'm not doing that, I act as a moderator on the forums for Team Gizka's TSLRP mod. I'd ask what your credentials are, but then you might have to reveal the location of your community's "secret clubhouse" and we can't have that. I do give a damn about the future of KotOR, I just don't think that future actually lies with KotOR 3. The modding community, the comics and novels... these are the places where we will have the future of Star Wars' past, not some pipe-dream of a game that is so unlikely that it is almost a certainty that it will never happen.
  7. What are you an English teacher? Who gies a s&%*...when you're posting on a forum the last thing you're worried about is proper grammer lol. Or did I use you're instead your this time lmao x) I bet I wouldn't be going too far to say that you're an Atheist. Or did I mispell Athiest, oh no...lol You should give a s&%*, since your the one who is posting about people being morons in the same sentence where you show your lack of spelling ability, something that could be perceived as... well, moronic. I'm just looking out for you, since you already seem to be fully on the defensive, you might not want to give anyone anything else to attack. Now why did you have to go and bring religion into this... oh, wait... I see. This is a deflection. I keep calling your bluff and you are running out of options. What's next, politics? Sexual preferences? "Yo momma" jokes?
  8. Still not revealing this mysterious community that you are a part of... As long as you are offering, scan that legal doc and post it, I'd love to read it. Just make sure you redact anything that might identify you personally (address, name, etc.)... At least you admit that I'm being a realist, now if I could just get you to admit that an online petition is a waste of time... I'll check back tonight. The anticipation is almost too much to bear... EDIT: "dedicated, intellectual fan" "widdle the site down to morons" Look, I'm not going to call you a moron, but if you are going to put those two phrases in the same sentence together, at least have the decency to spell "whittle" correctly!
  9. What large community? LucasForums/LFNetwork? KotORFiles/FileFront? GameFAQS/GameSpot? I'm part of several large KotOR related communities and I know of no one seriously pushing this idea now or in the past. I've seen the online petition show up before, but it is never taken seriously. There is nothing illegal about sending mail to LucasArts so I fail to see where legalities would ever come into this. I'm not actually keen on the idea. I am a dedicated KotOR fan who has resigned himself to the fate we have been dealt... there will never be a KotOR 3, the advent of TOR proved that. At the same time, I'm not interested in seeing anyone pushing ideas that are doomed to failure, in a vain attempt to raise the hopes of those in the community who still believe there could be a KotOR 3. If you are going to do something like that, at least make it something that is worth the effort, not something truly impotent like an online petition. Again, if what you say is true, no matter how much Take2/Rockstar allegedly wanted it kept secret, it would never have happened. Nothing is ever kept truly secret in the video game industry and there is absolutely no way they could keep something like that secret, nor is there any legal reason to make something like that go away. The more you say about it, the more it sounds like you are just trying to "save face" for some reason, rather than concede that you might not have the best idea for saving the KotOR series. Go ahead and search for your link, I won't be at all surprised if come back with a claim that you or your source mysteriously cannot find it, due to some kind of data purge related to "legal actions". I'll have to call a pre-emptive "BS" on that.
  10. Ah yes, the old "KotOR will not be left behind" article. Well, we know how that turned out now...
  11. Its spelled "rhetoric". I wasn't asking you to spend hours or days digging through your personal e-mail or internet history, I was asking for a single public source, like the news websites or Wiki that I provided. If what you claim is true, then there must be some kind of evidence of it in the public record. Something as monumental as an internet petition actually working to save a popular game franchise from demise would warrant some kind report somewhere... a generic gaming blog, IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku... somebody would have reported it, just like all those examples of successful snail mail campaigns I provided. Those took me less than 5 minutes to find. In fact, it probably took longer to type the actual post than it did to find the sources. Of course it doesn't hurt to try, but it doesn't help either if the only thing you are trying is something that is undeniably proven and destined to fail (you really should read that Snopes page I linked). If the petition is not your only avenue, then what else are proposing? If you want it to actually be successful, then why not share those ideas with the community that actually has a vested interest in seeing them succeed? Why not listen to advice from that community? Why not take a suggestion that actually has a proven success record?
  12. No, it wouldn't be listed or acredited to by either party by now, its been quite awhile since the petition. Finding anything left of it would be pretty tough to find, PayneReactor might have something left on it, that's about all I can think of, alot of it is due to legal issues. So you never know, it probably won't...but hey it just might work or at the very least get the right people thinking. Didn't try very hard eh? I couldn't even get my foot in the door before it was closed, that's how fast I was shot down. When people start threatening you with legal action then I decided to fold...wasn't worth a lawsuit. And forgive me but its not too smart to jump in the middle of a conversation and start talking about a discussion you were never apart of...and then begin giving advice lol. I will continue my efforts with the fans to the best of my ability, and if wanted...elsewhere. That's my point, I read your previous posts and we have nothing but your word of your one lonely example of an online petition producing results. Your word is, frankly, meaningless without something to back it up. I can produce numerous results for other types of campaigns working with a simple Google search, why can't you do the same? Because the truth is, online petitions don't work and never have. In fact, look what website came up first when I searched for online petition results: Snopes.com. Oops, maybe that's why you haven't offered any actual facts. Personally, I don't think it is very smart to ignore advice given in good faith that is quite obviously much more informed than the ideas you are already presenting. Ah well, good luck with your efforts anyway, even if they won't actually accomplish anything.
  13. If you had taken those steps before, you didn't do a very good job of it, since all of us "true fans" of KotOR never heard anything about a fan-sponsored letter writing campaign. We've all heard more about this doomed to failure petition though. Also, I'm sorry, but nothing more than your word that an online petition saved Max Payne without any shred of corroboration and in fact ample evidence to the contrary is meaningless. Show me one verifiable example where a producer of some kind has openly stated that an internet petition has changed their mind about a game, movie or TV show and I will concede that you could be right. I can give you several examples of the snail mail idea, using everything from simple letters to hot sauce and nuts, actually working (in television): Star Trek, Jericho, Farscape, The Sentinel, America's Most Wanted, Roswell, MST3K, Sliders, Chuck... I could keep going
  14. Instead of trying out proven ineffectual ideas, why don't you try to organize something that might actually work. As I posted over in another thread, these online petitions do not work. They are generally viewed is nothing more than a joke by game developers and publishers and those that organize them are perceived as an insignificant number of desperate nerds with no life outside of their passion for whatever game they a railing for or against now. If you want to do something that might actually have a glimmer of a chance at success, organize a letter writing campaign. Yes, that's right... snail mail. Thousands of anonymous internet "signatures" are easy to dismiss because of how easy they are to fake. Thousands of hand-written letters and postcards arriving on their desks... not so easy to ignore. If people show that they are willing to take the time to write about a game then pay to mail it, it shows a much higher level of commitment than a point and click petition ever will. That's how fans accomplished things like getting the TV show Jericho renewed for an extra season, not through pointless internet petitions, but through organized letter writing campaigns. I'm not saying that it would be guaranteed to work, but it has a much greater chance of success than any internet petition ever would.
  15. As I'm sure has already been mentioned in that thread, petitions, especially the online kind (damn anonymous internet), never work. You want to do something that might have a chance of getting KotOR 3 made? Organize a letter writing campaign and get hundreds of thousands of people to flood LucasArts' offices with letters asking for a real KotOR 3. When they have to wade through piles of letters just to get to their desks in the morning, they might actually sit up and take notice. Its probably the one thing snail mail can still do better than anything the electronic age has produced.
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