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  1. Thanks a lot man I really appreciate it. If I edit the files then keep playing the game will I be good? Also I'd just edit Atton's good/evil to 50 (which is neutral).
  2. Oh so people have had this before? Good to know. What is the highest level the skills go to? I pushed 'em to 99
  3. Ok so I restarted my game but without cheats, I actually removed the line "EnableCheats=1" from the game .ini file. I did however use a save game editor and only edited my skills and credits. But at the same point as last time Atton turns to the darkside for no reason. It happens right as we espace Peragus in the beginning. Also now I'm getting a problem with characters talking. When I talked to Kriea about her hand it just skipped to my dialogue options and I never actually heard her speak. Is there like a file I could download or something to help fix this? Btw the game is fully updated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I downloaded a savegame editor so what should I change to make the game work? What cheats pushed it over do you think?
  5. Hey fellas, I played this a while ago when it first came out and I remember having this same bug and it drives me crazy! I am using cheats if that matters... it shouldn't. I used cheats in KOTOR 1 and had no problems. What happens is randomly a character in my party will change to dark side or vice versa and I don't know why. I'll just be in a convo with them and their face will turn to a dark side face out of no where. I'd really appreciate help on this and will be glad to give further info if required. Thanks! ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 9/13/2009, 23:35:50 Machine name: COMPUTER Operating System: Windows Vista
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