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Did you know Nihilus had dreadlocks under his hood? It's on the Hasbro Sith Evolutions Set:




The KotOR Campaign Guide states that he had become a shell devoid of flesh and that mask, robe, and lightsaber were kept together with the Force just to give him a form. This is a piece of promo art for TSL showing a clearly flesh and blood arm:




Then there is this ongoing comic series based on KotOR. Zayne Carrick, the protagonist, is thought by many to be Nihilus' former self.




I personally liked the idea of Zayne becoming Nihilus, but I don't picture him wearing dreadlocks. Throw in this empty shell bull**** and it feels like nothing makes sense no more. I would ask Avellone if I weren't sure he's not making comments on this sort of thing, or JJ Miller, the guy who's writing the comics.

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I think that as per cut content, Nihilus was supposed to be the dark force manifestation of the exile's former self, when she got cut from the force, or after the events of the battle of malachor v, or something along those lines. That also explains why Nihilus appears on Korriban as a vision. I like that origin, although I'm not really down with the whole 'living force ghost bound together by a robe' and would rather write it as that dark force 'possessing' some jedi/sith to give Nihilus a flesh form. Hopefully sequels to the series will shed light on Nihilus' origin.


If they really want to mess our minds though, they can make it so that Nihilus is also Anakin Skywalker's real dad, the dark force matter that impregnates him mom some 4000 years later.

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If they really want to mess our minds though, they can make it so that Nihilus is also Anakin Skywalker's real dad, the dark force matter that impregnates him mom some 4000 years later.

Actually, after doing some research and a lot of speculation, I came up with that Darth Plagueis is Anakin Skywalker, reincarnated.

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Just no, and no.




And I do think about the empty shell. Like a Drug Addict, Nihilus became a empty shell of his former self. Because he can't live without the force, he must drain it from others. Like Cocaine and heroin, Nihilus needs the force hunger ability to stay alive to drain the force from others.


FYI, Cocaine and heroin withdraws, the person needs a safer drug to stablize their bodies because those drugs replace the body's natural chemicals and without those chemicals the body will waste away and thus the druggie dies.

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Yay! A discussion in the KotOR 2 thread that's not a skeeter dump!


Ahem, I think part of what makes Nihilus so scary, is the fact that we just don't know who he used to be. And I don't want to know, frankly. Nihilus Scares me. Worse than... than Sion does.


On the topic of dreads.... I think it looks silly. I like bald Sith, like Sion and Bane. And I suppose, Malak. Or maybe... a sith-mullet.



Check out my KOTOR fan vids on YouTube. And no, they're not of legos.

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Personally speaking, the whole consumed-by-the-Dark-Side-so-much-that-you've-become-a-Force-Ghost-walking-around-in-armour is a bit too much, especially since Nihilus appears very little in-game compared to the other Sith. Before I looked into it, I assumed that he had a body, possibly in a similarly weakened stated as Sion's, but a body nevertheless.


As for the dreads, I'm guessing that had more to do with sculpting together a decent-looking toy, rather than alluding to any origin. If you want to be picky though, you can always assume that the dreadlocks are ritualistic and therefore artificial and part of the armour or that the human form and the detail was merely a Force illusion trick by Nihilus. If he's going to make the effort to appear humanoid, he might be vain enough to want to look cool, yeah? :):alien:

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Cant believe those ****s didn't put subtitles for when he speaked. But Nihilus is soooo fun to kill, your powers are weak old Nihilus, surrender, or face the **** that I have in mind for you.

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