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Does Double-Bladed LSaber Work with Flurry?

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it is not much but with the lightsabers, the upgrades, and crystals by themselves are overpowered. it will be optionial if you used any of the forms.



It is possible to a Master TWF and have Master Power Attack, Master Flurry and Master Critcial Strike with one hell of the lightsaber and still mow down enemies left and right.

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And you can put more crystals in two lightsabers than one... And you can really find some saber crystals in TSL that will buff damage, speed and particularly stats to absolutely ridiculous degrees, even without cheating.


Two sabers is better than a double-blade because of the extra crystals capability. Maybe K3 can have extra crystal slots in the double-blade but for K2 or even K1, stick with 2 sabers.

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i never understood the forms, how much of a bonus do you recieve


Hit the pause menu... go to skills... and look at the forms... Juyo offers a huge offencial bonus... it attacks twice for every one attack... And a double sided attacks twice x2 by juyo is pretty potent.


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