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Trojan issues


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Ok, my wife somehow installed some ad program off of a pop up, and now I'm having trouble getting rid of all the hidden junk it's creating. I downloaded Ad-Aware and ran a full scan with it, and it found a few trojans and bad cookies, and I deleted them, but they seem to keep coming back. I'm not running anti-virus software on this PC because I have my router firewall, and that's always been enough until my wife made a mistake.


I realize I can probably pay for anti-virus software, but I'm actually getting a new PC in a week, so it seems like a waste when this one is about to go into storage. Anyone have any good free suggestions for getting rid of these infections?

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Kaspersky has a 30 day free version that you can use to scan your system...



Also, Spybot is an excellent piece of software that every system should have. Best of all ...it's free! Feel free to donate to the author though as it does cost him and others to post.



Both are excellent bits of protection.


Ad-Aware is good but often you need to have several pieces of software to give you the coverage that you need these days when the sneaks are smarter than the average bear. :wink:


Edit...you may also want to Run 'MSCONFIG'...'Startup' and see if there is anything running at start that shouldn't be.

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Yeah trend micros is pretty insanely thorough. AVG is completely free, constant updates and is pretty good, it's what I use. Adaware + Spy bot + AVG is end game.

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Maybe I should give that Trend Micro program a try. I have been happy with Zonealarm Pro for my internet security needs so far (except when it kills my system and I need to cut the power to reboot), but you can never be paranoid enough :ninja10:

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