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Jedi Weapon Master

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Ok hi im new here just got a quetion. I went through all the planets and just beat onderon( THE palce were you actually talk to Kavar) Im level 7 Jedi weapon master and 15 guardian am i on the right track to get a high level while later fighting traya

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The enemy strength of a "new area" is set and based on your level when you first arrive somewhere, so I'd also say yes. Typically it seems people are 23-30 when they finish the first time, so I think you're doing just fine.

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The first time i played through with a consular i destroyed the entire game way easy until i got to traya. She would murder me in like 10 seconds even though i was a pretty good level. If your a weapon master you should be fine though since you should have enough vitality and do enough damage to take her out.

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When you face off against Traya her level will be the same as yours. That's how it seemed like when I played the game different times and various levels.

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