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Bastila's holocron in Korriban Academy


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I have played K2 through quite a many times, but not once have I set Revan DS at the beginning. But I still kinda want to see that holocron what DS Bastila left in the academy and I don't fancy playing through the game again JUST for that. Maybe someone who has a savegame in the korriban academy could make a video of it for me? Or is it too much too ask?


Thanks in advance. :-

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she wasn't asking if you saw it. don't post stupid s*** like that for no reason.




I ran a search on YouTube and Video Google, but to no avail. You're best bet is to do what Deadly_Nightshade said and download the KSE or a mod that'll let you skip around the game.


That is assuming you have the PC version, if you have the Xbox version, someone'll have to use something like FRAPS to record it and post it on YouTube or something for you to watch.

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If you are on PC just use a mod to skip the prolog...


It only works if you set Revan as Dark-Side, and the only time to do that is on Peragus. So if you use the mod how would you say what Revan was? Can you use the KSE for that as well?

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I see we can not be civil, therefore I am closing this and hope we can do better next time.

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