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KOTOR III: Myth or Reality?


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Alright, I've read so many posts and so many searches and so many rumors that my head is going to explode!!! What's really happening? No rumors, no threads that lead to other forums-----real evidence that something's going on. You can say that I'm a glass is half empty kind of guy and I'd say that you are right, but I kinda get the feeling that this will never be made. Just because it makes sense doesn't mean that it's a guarentee. Hell, George Lucas is so out of touch with what his die-hards want, that the Kotor franchise ending at 2 would not surprize me one bit. Come on people, make me a believer, I really want to believe. But, it's time for some legitimate proof.

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there is no "hard news", only speculation. however, I think the fact that the KOTOR comic even exists suggests they want to do more games and LA refers to KOTOR as an "ongoing franchise" everytime they are asked about it.


I really think that KOTOR struck a nerve with LA/LFL employees. They saw this as the one place (now that the movies are over) where the SW story is told electronically and in games at that (yes, I know there are plans for a TV show). Wow, to be a developer of a game that will change SW continuity, not just some game where you run around with guns and tanks, but a game that affects the storyline of the frachise.


I think LA employees were drooling over doing K3 in-house (in fact, there was already a team working on it). And then came the reorg, in which games like KOTOR were sent out to contractors. K2's rushed schedule, bugginess, and lack of post-production support are just inexcusable UNLESS K2 was set up to fail, kind of a TAKE THAT! to the Man who wanted to outsource the franchise.


So now Dark Horse is more or less in charge of the storyline in this era and any new title would probably be developed by Obsidian since 1) BioWare doesn't want it and 2) LA just doesn't have the in-house talent for this kind of RPG. LA would, of course, produce the project but, unless their attitudes have changed, I'm not sure they need to be messing with it.

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General Kotor 3 discussion is here. Thanks.

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