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His Dark Materials

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I was thinking about the inevitable games that will accompany the films of Phillip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials while reading the first book Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass in the US). The structure of the book really lends itself to an old skool adventure game with the various episodes and predicaments that Lyra gets into. I can picture a classic adventure game scenario in getting the armour back for the polar bear Iorek and a number of other moments in the book put me in mind of this. Whatever happens I really hope it doesn't turn into a generic console actioner. Give us a story driven game at least.


(btw if you've never heard of them these books are awesome, a little bit LOTR and a little bit Harry Potter with a lot of reality as well, I've heard that the later books are partly set on Earth.)

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I remember those books! They were very good, and worthy of being the next fantasy franchise to hit the big screen.


It's been a long time since I read them though, so I can't recall too many game-like situations in my head.

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The entirety of Northern Lights can easily be converted into a game; however, it iwll most likely become a budget adventure game with bad graphics and button mashing.


As an RPGish adventure game it could do well, especially with the latter two books, but I don't anticipate such a thing happening. A spinoff story would probably end up being written by someone chronically retarded.


Conclusion? The fate of 95% of book/movie-inspired games. There is potential there though, the world is excellent.

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I'm just pissed that they're pulling out all references to religion in a movie adaption of a book about a war against god.

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Wait, they're still doing that?


No way I'm giving 'em money now. GOD DIES IN THAT BOOK. HOW DO YOU NOT ... gah.



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