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HTF i get mira?

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If I recall correctly:


You needed to be Lightside or at least Neutral before you encounter the fight of Hanhar vs. Mira - maybe a bit before that, I don't remember. Mira doesn't offically join the party until t3's solo mission is done and you're ready to go to the yacht.


If you're already on the yacht and she wasn't one of the options to take with you, and her picture isn't in the party selection screen (even if it's greyed out on the yacht)...dunno...either you were too dark sided at the start or it's a bug?

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he would have Hanharr instead then .. if you don't have the big wookie you are probably gonna get her later (unless you are already on the yatch? then I don't know what happened)


and you do need to be lightside to get her.. if you are dark - you get Hanharr!

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ANyone tell me how to gewt mira? i am light sided and im almos finishing nar shadaa ( Gotos yatch if u wanna know) and im not stuck its just that i dont know if im good or not, but i just dont have mira help me pls!


PIck i promise:

nice pic

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It's from the "Jabba's Dancers' Outfits" mod...

Sounds like a good mod to have. ;)

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