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Hope you're not squeamish. I've got BUGS!

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I've got 2 games of KotOR 2 running right now. One male, one female. Both light Guardians.


Now the male character isn't getting the option to learn force sight (To Kreia: "What's wrong with your eyes?") while the female is fine (so far at least).


Anyone having similar problems with dialogue options not turning up? If so, have you found ways to fix them without starting fresh?

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Bao-Dur's stopped creating shields now.


Also, something that's really bugging me is the fact that some of my NPCs are earning XP at a snails pace. While everyone else is at level 20, Bao Dur is lvl 18 and Disciple is only lvl 15.


This kind of thing is happening in both of my games (with the male, it's affecting Handmaiden, Bao Dur, Mira and Atton) and seems to only affect those that I have converted into jedi (done it with all possible in both saves).


On a lesser note, the game doesn't seem to like task switching and there's an item (usually a droid carbonite projecter, but not always) being sold by Kovin that freezes my game in the shop screen, requiring a CTRL-ALT-DELETE before I can do anything else with my computer.


Any suggestions, fixes, wisdom, etc?

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Bao-Dur will make the shields for you if you're below a certain number, ala T3 and his spikes. Since I was never below that number by the time I met up with him, he never made any for me. I think Bao is supposed to stop the service at some point by default as well? - I don't know when tho.


The leveling thing - as long as they were always in my party npc's were never more than a level or two behind my Exile. Seems like once tho I had an issue where if you switch them in and out a lot, where they're missing the direct act of being the one present to gain exp., the 'global' experience gained doesn't 'register' until you left them on the ship, you left the ship, added them to your party, re-loaded the game, entered a new level loading area, or some such rigmarole. Long ago, don't recall.

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I can never get him to make me shields even though I do not have any. I usually sell them. :)

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Thankfully, PC skills with workbench allows item creation considering bugs in game. Especially with Sentinel class. At least Mira still did come through with her offer in supplying grenades to PC once she joins party.

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