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Worst KotOR Moment?

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Found Infinite fleet concept for DS players in K1 confoundingly convoluted and a bit repetitive as continuous churning out of ships was like leaving something related to darkness unexplained accurately that is understandable.


Doesnt make logical sence how the Star Forge, which gets its energy/resources ect. From a nearby star (sun) All that Stars have is nuclear energy which it is constantly emmitting, it sounds like another one of those 'make no sence' flaws that where made by the developers, Seriously how could they get the resources of Iron and Metal ect. from a Sun when they need metal and all.



Killing Jolee was not a problem, he was a whiney old bastard that annoyed me to no end.


(w00t) LANGUAGE PLEASE!! *Hits report button* Oh your going away for a looong time <_<. My mother came in and saw that, I am in big trouble because of your words!

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As for K1, I guess I wasn't really trying to figure out what was going on, becuase I was surprised by the Revan revelation.


As for let-downs, I'd say playing lightside and getting all the Jedi together just to have them try to "cut you off from the force" and then watching helplessly as they are turned into twitching corpes made me feel like I had just wasted my time running across the galaxy.


Also on MV playing LS, just having the Ebon Hawk magically appear from the depths of the great pit really was a let-down. Total discontinuity and then the fly-by...to...? Yeah...let down...


K1...uh...no really big let downs...I personally enjoy Taris very much...I like that it's not totally focused on the main plot...as if I was acutally sneaking around the planet...

"Working for Davik was like driving a spike in the side of your head. Sure, you got something new up there, but in the end, you've lost something as well." - Canderous


"But I though Jedi weren't allowed to love." - Handmaiden

"But some do it anyway. We call it pulling a Bindo." - The Exile

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Taris was quite good, probabally one of my favourite planets, I like how in K1 how you could go to many places and many planets. Like Taris and Rakata Prime werent acctually chooseable planets, so that was a big add on.


I have to agree that the whole jedi end up cutting the force was pretty disapointing, You went to all that trouble, killed countless darkjedi and mercs, or whatnot taking on the whole exchange and all you can be rewarded with from them is, to get your force taken away and then Kreia just killing them and making it furtherly worse and depressing for all your hardwork is dead and wrecked even more. I have to agree the end did feel like a bit of waste of time.

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