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My first Revan was fairly middle of the road, never fully LS or DS, usually

somewhere in between.


Name - Damien Halo


Portrait - the shaven headed male with the small goatee and scar over

right eye.


Robes - blue jedi master robes for most of the game


Lightsaber - purple double bladed


I generally acted as I would in real life, sarcasm a must, lying essential

but helpful to those who warranted it, death to those who annoyed me.


My Revan gave czerka a bloody nose on kashykk, gave the republic a

boost on manaan, wiped out the sandpeople on tatooine, wiped out the

sith on korriban, was forced to kill bastila, and gave malak the asswoopin'

the original meatbag deserved! :lol:


I must admit I missed loads of stuff first time through, like the uber crystals

dustil, canderous' grudge match and various other little gems I found when

playing the game subsequent times.


My second play through was entirely DS, then 3rd was completely LS.



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Name: Revan (Fake name: Cody DeVore)

Class: Jedi Guardian

Weapons: Double-Bladed Red

Armour: Darth Revan's Robes

Love Interest: Bastila Shan

Apprentices: Bastila Shan, Darth Malak

Appearance: Long haired male.......


Bio: Revan was brought before the Jedi at a young age... like most padawan's are, but his desire for knowledge made him study all aspects of the Force, the Dark Side included. On his time on Dantooine he had already claimed the title of the Dark Lord of the Sith, but the foolish Jedi failed to see that Revan had turned to the Dark Side.. so when he went to the planets looking for the maps then Malak became his apprentice.


During the Mandalore Wars... he used the War to his advantage, searching for Star Maps so he could find the Star Forge. Then five years after the Mandalore wars.... Malak fired upon Revan's ship.... he had usurped the Mantle of Dark Lord. Revan was not dead as Malak was lead to believe.... Revan's love, Bastila had taken the Sith Lord to the Jedi where they wiped his mind.... programming one that was loyal to the Republic. The Jedi Council then re-trained Revan after the Endar Spire was destroyed and Bastila had returned to Dantooine. The two were sent on the mission of finding the Star Maps previously discovered by Revan and his apprentice.


Then after Revan and his crew found the third Star Map... they were captured by Admiral Saul Karath... who then contacted the Dark Lord telling him that he had captured both Bastila and Revan. But little did the Sith know that Juhani was using her special Cathar abilities to hide from them. She then went and rescued the entire crew from the Dark Lord. Revan, Bastila, and Carth then went to destroy the Tractor Beam around the Sith Vessel, along the way Carth finally got his revenge on Saul learning that the Jedi traveling with him was really Darth Revan. When Bastila and Carth and their Jedi compainion were close to leaving the Sith Vessel Revan was attacked by Darth Malak. He almost killed Revan, but Bastila got in the way and instead Malak captured Bastila while Revan and Carth escaped.


Then when the crew had found the last Star Map they went to the coordinates on the Star Maps but were forced to crash land on an unknown world. There Revan, Juhani, and Jolee Bindo were confronted by Bastila.... Revan chose the Dark Side.... he also convinced Juhani to Join him and Bastila... convincing her that Jolee had sold Cathar Slaves she killed him in anger. The three then went down to the Ebon Hawk and were confronted by the Crew. Carth, Mission, and Zalbaar refused to serve the Sith Lord, but Carth escaped allowing the Dark Lord to kill Mission and Zalbaar. The remaining crew members went up to the Star Forge and killed Malak. Revan was reborn as the Sith Lord he once was.

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My latest Revan:


Name: Matris Darklighter

Gender: Male

Head: Long Haired Caucasian

Class: Scout + Guardian

Robes: Red Master Robes

Saber: Heart of the Guardian Saberstaff w. Dragon Pearl

and Solari Crystals

Alignment: Mild Light Alignment


I am still early on in the game so his character is yet to truly




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I've been meaning to reply to this for a while but never got around to it.


My Revan, eh? Is this my "ideal" Revan - the way it should have been or the way it actually went? :(. Depending on your answer, you'll get a varied answer.


In the first, basically, my LSM would have got suspicious from the get-go and disobeyed ordered to leave the Endar Spire from the escape pod and instead, make his way to the Sith Ship. Being a smuggler and whatnot, (well a programmed one), he was able to sneak aboard, access the controls and hide out. Upon hacking the place, raiding the armoury (after stealing the jedi lightsabers, robes and sith uniforms from the 'Spire), he arms himself. Then he hits the computer databases and well, y'know, finds the records of Revan without the mask. Gasp shock horror. And historical records. And y'know, discovers who he is. This unlocks a bunch of memories and he levels up like woah. :)) Or at least allows him to recall how to use a lightsaber and whatnot. Anyway, using various sith passcodes after he ambushes them and takes their cards and replaces them, he hacks further into the computer and discovers the location of the Starforge.


Then a mysterious, encrypted broadcast from an ominous source from Karath's ship transmits the location of the Starforge to the Republic along with the words "Taris is saved." - rather than "I have returned." - I mean, my Revan's not an idiot ;). Anyway, unable to take the ship by force - and although its a real shame, Revan blows the ship to kingdom come using the self destruct and a horrible core overload... :p" and steals a Sith fighter and escapes as the ship blows up, killing Karath. Anyway, our intrepid hero escapes down to the planet's surface and lands at the Sith base. Of course, everyone's seen the ship blown up in orbit and so, there is fighting on the streets. Revan of course joins in - and waving a lightsaber around rallies others to him and by the time Bastilia has freed herself - she discovers that Revan is a hero of the people. Meanwhile, Revan buys(is gifted) T3 for various reasons, but mostly to build an activation device to bring HK47 back to him. So while our (somewhat useless) heroine waving her yellow lightsaber and making all her self righteous claims alongside her (equally useless) sidekick Carth, (somewhere along the line, Carth & co also/might have pick/picked up Mission & Wookieface) Revan is hailed as a hero.


And then Revan proceeds to kick the exchange out of Taris, freed various peoples and make himself quite unpopular in the process and gain Canderous as an ally who instantly recognises his foe and decides to work alongside him - well, Canderous wants off the planet and so does Revan - he also wants to kick out the exchange and Canderous knows how. So the unlikely duo team up - while T3 is working on building the locator/homing beckon that'll bring HK back to Revan and Bastilia and Carth are hunting for Revan. Long story short, Bastilia and Carth find Revan as he is boarding the Ebon Hawk and point their weapons at him. Canderous flanks him with his own weapon; but they[Carth & Bastilia] demand that Revan surrenders. Revan rather graciously allows them on board, knowing that Bastilia is the woman from(of (heh)) his dreams. Anyway, T3 pushes past Bastilia and Carth breaking the tension and rolls(?) over to Revan. Pleased with his new droid, Revan makes his way to the conference room and gets followed by the three others. Revan promises to explain everything to Bastilia, but will not give up his lightsaber to her

HK47: Commentary: It is not possible to destroy the master. It is suggested that you run while my blasters warm, meatbags.

Bastila to Revan: You are easily the vainest, most arrogant man I have ever met!

Canderous to Bastila: Insults? Maybe if your master had trained your lightsaber to be as quick as your tongue you could have escaped those Vulkars, you spoiled little Jedi princess!

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