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Knight Rider the Movie


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*scratches head*


Cast (in credits order)

David Hasselhoff ....  Michael Knight


Is Imdb's brief list wrong, then? They often can be, cause they don't seem to update those pre-production notes much.


Edit: Not that I'm cheering for Hasselhoff to be in the movie. Or the movie itself, for that matter....

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The peeps who did the Matrix movies got the rights to Knight RIder and they are making the movie, going back to the beginning and reinterpretting the origins of the characters and technology.

The Wachowski Brothers? Well thats a sure sign of crapness - if its correct. I haven't found anything that mentions them being connected to the film.


Also, KITT is the star of the show. As long as William Daniels does the voice then all is well.

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Last week it was confirmed that The Hoff was off the project, after trying to get it done since the show was cancelled. But he will be in this.


Knight Rider will be about Mike the Knight training some new recruit to take his place. This storyline was revealed in the article that said Hoffy was out.

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