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Super Sith Assassins

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on Dxun when the Sith attack the mandalorian camp. Are they supposed to be that strong. They seemed as strong as Kriea when you have to fight her. I'd do master force speed and use a master flurry, I'd hit them on all of them for 24-64 and it'd take 4 or 5 tries. Is that normal.


All enemies are scaled to your own level throughout the game. That's probably why they suddenly seem rather tough, when they were fairly easy to dispatch on the Harbinger.


EDIT: If you're fairly high level, you may note that the spawning Sith assassins fighting primarily the Mandalorians are rather tough, whereas the fixed six or so Sith assassins in front of Mandalore's controlcenter are pushovers by comparison. That was obvious to me, because I was using the infinitely spawning assassins to boost my xp, and thought they were a challenge, but when I decided to move on, I dispatched the six hidden ones cutting me off from Mandalore with surprising ease...

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In this case, though, Kreia did warn you early in the game, that while the Sith Assassins were weak on the Harbinger, they too, grow stronger, as you grow stronger in the Force, since they feed on such things.


Jediphile hit it on the nose, regarding the ones on Dxun. They have a LOT of HP, and can take a boatload of abuse. One thing they cannot scale against, though, is the power of Force Kill, which removes a fixed percentage of HP each round. Hit one of them with two Force Kill shots, and they'll have very little left (that the Mandalorian grunts can wipe up). Hit one with three Force Kill shots, and they're as good as dead.

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Guess it is also because the enemies on Dxun where not supposed to hack into the PC and die but battle as long as possible with the Mandalorians...




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