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How to get the cool robes

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I believe one way of doing it is through the merchants. I read somewhere that once you talk to a merchant and ask what he sells, his items will become fixed each time you go. so if you dont like what he sells, simply reload a game before you speak with him (maybe in another area too im not sure). Could someone please verify this technique plz, cheers.

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As the others have stated, robe placement is pretty much random, although there are a few places where you can get some decent robes each time:


First time on Dantooine: Jedi Master robes from Vrook's dead body if you went against him.


Onderon palace: Ossus Keeper Robes (very nice), either by looting the museum or as a reward from Talia or Valku after everything is over. Also, possibly Jedi Master robes from Kavar's corpse if you aided Vaklu.

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I doubt any merchant sells those robes. are you talking about the only armours with which you can use force powers or just jedi robes?

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