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Telos Polar Region bug?

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I'm stuck in the building with the handmaidens. It's the first time I've been in there, and Atton and Kreia are there too. The NPCs keep telling me my friends are locked up, but they're not. They're standing by me at the door. All the dialogues seem to go in circles and I can't open the empty cells or the get the droid out either.


Now what?!

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I'm getting exactly the same error. I have a save point right when I land on the zone before the HK battle, and one right after as I'm heading in the base. Both save games give me the same end result.


Atton and Kreia shouldn't come in the door with you (didn't on my last two runs before the most recent patch) and when you click on Atton it brings up a dialog that says...


1. Cheat Node Jump to PC Confrontation with Atrais

2. Cheat Node Continue with Kreia conversation.


If you chose #2 nothing happens, if you choose #1 you warp back and repeat the conversation with Atris over and over.


You can't free your friends or get the ones by the door to move, and you can't change your party so I can't see any realiztic way of advancing.

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ive had this problem to. i just reload a save game and start over and it works fine. i think if you do not choose the dialogue "we mean you no harm" and instead try to drag it out, this should fix this bug. if not, you may have to load a much earlier game and try again.


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Ironically once I was fed up with trying to work through it normally I had tried that unknowiingly. I figured I might as well go Dark and threaten them when it spawned me. Kreia doesn't let you attack and it breaks the loop, the neat part though is that you don't earn any DSP from it. Annoying, but at least fixable without much work.

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You cannot get this on the X-Box due to 1.0B-lessness...


One thing the X-Box has better than the PC version ;)




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