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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith

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Dear Sir / Madam,


My name is Steve Williams i have purchased the 'Star Wars: Knights of the

Old Republic II The Sith Lords' game for my son who is 8 years old , In the United Kingdom.


We have tried to use the to use the cheat codes that recommended but

nothing at all happens,


if possible is there a copy of save game of 'Star Wars: Knights of the

Old Republic II The Sith Lords' with the cheats & god mode already installed that i can purchase & download somewhere ?


Because my son who is only 8 years old cannot simply progress through the

game levels and otherise not fully enjoy the game.


If anyone has such a copy of cracked saved game to sell (at reasonable price) or knows i can download one please email at s_williams@mistral.co.uk


Kind Regards


Steve Williams

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no battlecookie i believe that code was right, use the KSE program, it works wonders... and who the hell would purchase K2 for an 8 year old :blink: me being 15 i can just slightly get the gist of the story, its not an easy thing to follow, considering the fact of all the plot holes

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the fact that there are twists and plot holes make it confusing, and that you in some areas need to formulate your own idea - and also the revan aspect - K1 it should have been fixed, fixed ending, fixed gender, fixed looks, so then K2 wouldnt have been *as* confusing

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also, a question of how mature one must be to play the game, with the romances, the choices, and of course discussion of "loading ramps" :">


I think/hope a 8 year old would be a bit young to understand that comment... :(

"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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Nice to see people taking notice of the ratings isnt it.


Yes, they're there for a reason, not to make the box look pretty...


Didn't stop them with KOTOR 1 (w00t)

Tho Bastilla dosnt look like herself on that cover...


Regarding Cheats, I dont think they are needed for such an easy game, I mean the hardest bit is at the begining when you have low everything, I found the game just got easier and easier (tho I do admit there were a few times I had reload or pause more frantically)


To w2dmb:

Regarding the game, I think its a good game (more replayability and other options to take), but had they *finished* it, then it would have been fantastic, clearly leaving KOTOR 1 for dust. I reccoment you play KOTOR 1 before this, as it will help explain some of the plot and will give you more depth, and that is an excellent game! but as BattleCookie said, for more info, brouse these forums >_<

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