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What new games are you looking forward to?


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Probably in this rough order, with the lower ranks subject to change and omission:

(see below ...)

  • Half-Life 2 - Episode 1 (formerly known as Aftermath), hopefully there will be another episode before the end of the year, too ...
  • Neverwinter Nights 2
  • Bioshock
  • Spore
  • Splinter Cell: Double Agent
  • Tomb Raider: Legend (still a sucker for a good franchise) :p (not that much of a sucker: think I'll replay the first one again.)
  • Oblivion Yah! Already own it and playing.
  • Duke Nukem Forever
  • Alan Wake
  • Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday
  • KotOR: TSL Gizka Restoration (kudos Grom)
  • Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
  • Final Fantasy XII (if it comes out for the PC)
  • Dragon Age
  • Fallout 3
  • Medieval 2:Total War
  • Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
  • Ancient Wars: Sparta
  • Gothic III
  • Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone
  • Neverend
  • Pathologic
  • UberSoldier





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Let's see....



- Neverwinter Nights 2 - Pretty much at the top of the list. First off, MCA. Second, NWN seems like it'll be improving the toolset in virtually every possible way. Modding will pretty much take most of my gaming time once this is out.

- Tactica Online - PvP turn-based tactical 'RPG'. From reading the gameplay mechanics on the website, it sounds like a winner.

- Dragon Age - While Bioware's previous titles might have been a tad too mainstream (leading them to being unremarkable, perhaps), they've kept producing solid titles. Hopefully, DA will be a step above. 4 full-time writers is quite a nice move from Bio.

- Gothic III - Playing G1 right now, with G2 waiting just after. Quite impressed. I find G1's world much more 'alive' than Oblivion tried to be.

- Bioshock - After Oblivion kinda flopped in the emergent gameplay side of things, it'll be interesting to see how Bioshock fares. Granted, I haven't played SS2.



- Armed Assault - Successor to Operation Flashpoint. That is all.

- Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - Hmmm, undecided.



- Take Command: 2nd Manassas - Pretty awesome American Civil War wargame, from the demo. Despite having no interest in the setting, the gameplay alone just made this a must-buy.

- Combat Mission: Shock Force - The WeGo system is very nice for uncompromised large-scale tactics. PBEM should be fun.

- Navies at War - Most ambitious naval simulator ever sounds cool.

- HistWar: Les Grognards - Napoleonean game with up to 500,000 units (represented by 50,000 for a 1:10 ratio) with proper Orders of Battle, Command & Control, doctrines.

- Europa Universalis III - If HoI2 is any indication, this is as good as bought.



- Supreme Commander - Though I'm losing interest in RTS and leaning more towards wargames, this will probably make for a fun coop campaign. Probably not something I'd play longterm, though.

- Sins of a Solar Empire - RT4X sounds ambitious, but I'm wondering if the gameplay will bring it above the RTS genre (which I'm pretty much getting fed up with) as a whole.


A big part of mainstream gaming is getting boring. I'm looking more into indie and more obscure developers who don't compromise their gameplay for the lowest common denominator.

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Ace Combat 0 Belkan war

City of Hero's Issue VII destiny Manifest

Superman Returns

Half Life 2 Ep 1

Supreme Commander



that's all I can come up with at this point.




MGS4 and DMC4

Victor of the 5 year fan fic competition!


Kevin Butler will awesome your face off.

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Killzone2 (the first one was underrated)

Odd. I thought I was the only one who thought that. I enjoyed Killzone a lot. Very ambitious, very atmosphereic and pretty decent action with quite satisfying weaponry.

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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