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New rpg fight style idea


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hey guys im new to playing RPG games and i was thinking how in some rpg games you have now the two fighting styles one like in "Lord of the Rings The Third Age" how you say attack and your guy runs over hits the opponent and runs back, and the other seen in KOTOR 1 and 2 where you and your enemy can fight simutaniously i was wondering if RPG games will one day have a fighting style like jedi academy or path of neo but to stop people ruining the by running around killing innocent people or people that help you etc the game will only enable the fighting ability when you talk to someone and get into a fight or you get attacked by a creature wich would be obvious to a player weather or not its enabled when a monster is heading for you lol.


anyway hope you can make sence of what i just said and i hoped i dont get flammed for it like i usually do for my opinion or suggestions like im most forums lol :D

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If I understand correctly, you are wondering if there isn't some damn way you can have more control over your party. Well, there is. but you're going to have to play 'classic' games on a PC. :D


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