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Nar Shaddaa

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I've done everything on Nar Shaddaa, but nothing has happened. I haven't found the Jedi, or been given the chance to complete Vogga's request of killing Goto. I read a walkthrough and it talks about Viquish or something, but I think I killed him in the refugee sector. Help!?!

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The tentacle-mouth in the refugee sector is not the same as the main quest tentacle-mouth you meet on Nar Shadda. :)


I don't have an answer for you tho - there have been some people who had bugs where the meanies never show up on the Ebon Hawk, or some other needed event, and if that's the case here (bug) then there may be no answer except re-load and re-play Nar Shadda again. But it's probably more likely that you just missed something that triggers that situation.

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Go find bat boy and ask him what the exchange thinks of you. If you aren't careful, you can end up neutral in their eyes, and then the Red Eclipse boys won't show up. Find out if that's what you've done. You may have to pay him to tilt you one way or the other.

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Have you talked to the refugee on the way in, the one who looks like Capt Riken on Onderon, except with a bit more hair?


Because it sounds like you did what i did on my 1st time through. That triggers another cut scene with Mira, which is the one that you need for the game to progress to the meeting with Visquis(sp?).

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Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


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Walk to the Refugee Sector. Then walk back out. Do NOT use the swoop to transport yourself.


You should then get an updated entry in your journal that says something about how it might be a bad idea to leave the Ebon Hawk in its current place.


Go back to the Ebon Hawk, and if you see a bunch of hostile Trandoshans, then you're on the way to finishing that what you need to do. Kill the Trandoshans outside of the Ebon Hawk, board the ship, and then kill off all of the enemies in there as well. Go towards the pilot's area (where Atton normally hangs out), and just before you get there, go to that room just south of the c*ckpit. Make a deal with the slaver leader, or kill him. Doesn't matter.


Leave the Ebon Hawk, and then you'll get a message from Atton, saying that Visquis wants to meet with you.

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air speeding around? could you explain?


In a nutshell...


Once you go into the refugee sector, you're given a chance to repair th air speeder, using the manuvering flaps, the navigation interface, and the cryogenic power cell. Once you do this, you can activate the air speeder, and use it to "instantly" travel from one part of Nar Shaada to another.


While this may be a quick way to travel, people who do this sometimes forget, that you don't trigger the Red Eclipse spawning in and around the Ebon Hawk, until you leave the refugee sector on foot. If you use the air speeder to transport yourself from the refugee sector to the other areas, without first having walked out the refugee sector, you will never trigger the Red Eclipse spawning.


As the thread originator demonstrated, if you don't trigger the Red Eclipse spawning, you'll never get to meet up with Visquis, and won't be able to complete Nar Shaada.

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